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2J are represented in the U.K. by Renair Antennae Ltd. who have been at the forefront of antenna technology for over 20 years.  

2J is a rapidly expanding company within the telecommunications sector,pushing the boundaries of antennae innovation for the modern wireless world. 2J employ a range of modern design techniques including 3D modelling, computer simulations and rapid prototyping, in order to meet the requirements of the customer. On offer is a wide range of antennae for the use in GSM, GPRS, GPS, Galileo, Glonass and Telematic applications to name but a few, as well as producing an array of cable assemblies to customer specifications. Being an ISO 9001:2001 certified company; 2J manufactures high quality products at competitive prices.

  Located in Slovakia, 2J is at the heart of the 'New Europe'. Slovakia is fast becoming a leading manufacturer within the European Union, especially within the automotive industry. 2J employ highly qualified workers and sub-contractors as well as selecting only reputable and reliable suppliers.


Research & Development  
  Our Highly Qualified design team ulitizes the latest design methods to help produce market leading antennae in the automotive, marine, navigation and wireless network industries. Our antennae can be analysed prior to production using the latest in EM simulation, while amplifier and filter circuits can be fully designed and tested using the lastest captur and SPICE simulation software. PCBs are designed to industry standards and can be exports as Gerber RS274X, DXF or Drill Files.

  3D Modelling is also used for the design of antennae housing and encloseures while rapid prototyping is available thanks to a close relationhip with engineering uninversities. This enables us to perfect plastic injections prior to the antenna going into full production.

  Our test department is capable of producing in-depth antenna and system reports including radiation patterns, using our top of the range test equipment that includes Network and Spectrum Analysers.